How It Works

How It Works

Dr. Bruno Conti, Ph.D. stated in
his research, "The brain mechanism that enables us to maintain a constant body temperature may be the key to rapid weight loss." The brain mechanism he is referring to is the activation of the Kappa Opioid Receptor, located within the brain's hypothalamus.

This receptor is responsible for maintaining our body's natural temperature, which is around 98.6 degrees F.

When our bodies exceed this constant temperature our brain activates a multitude of reactions to cool our bodies down. This cooling process is the process that rapidly burns calories, fat, and cellulite within our bodies.

Think of it like the air conditioner system in your home. When your house becomes hot, your air conditioner must work extremely hard to return your home to your preferred temperature. Our bodies experience this same mechanism when we increase our body temperature above normal levels.

The Physiocare Body Enhancer is scientifically proven to help you increase your body temperature 3x faster and easier than any other medical weight loss brand on the market.