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  • Hanna Mai V.

    "I was really excited to receive the belt as I had high hopes for it and it’s definitely worth the money because it’s amazing!!

  • Joe S.

    "I had back surgery in July 2022. When I’m wearing this device, I feel more confident."

  • Dorian C.

    “As a nationally ranked high jumper, I jump a lot and deal with a lot of back issues. This belt helps me whenever I jump and work out to stop my pain from happening."

  • Ann M.

    "So easy to adjust and I can wear it for a long time. My waist feels smaller also! Love all the support. Totally recommend this belt."

  • Jake S.

    ”I love how the Physiobelt corrects my posture without me having to be conscious of it. Really helps build good habits!!”

  • Beth L.

    "Comfortable for everyday wear while working or other daily activities!"

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