PhysioCare Product Description

  • SAY BYE TO BACK PAIN- The PhysioCare Rapid Weight Loss Back Support Enhancer gives you instant relief from back pain, herniated disk, sciatica, scoliosis, and sore muscles. Wear it everywhere, and enjoy the outstanding relief and support in your daily life!
  • SAY HELLO TO WEIGHT LOSS- The PhysioCare Rapid Weight Loss Back Support Enhancer is custom engineered to promote accelerated weight loss. Each PhysioCare waist trimmer is crafted with Neoprene material, that is designed to retain a high body temperature in the abdominal region of your body. Allowing you to BURN CALORIES, REDUCE FAT, AND REDUCE CELLULITE FAST!
  •  SUPPORT LIKE NO OTHER- The PhysioCare Rapid Weight Loss Back Support Enhancer comes equipped with DOUBLE COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY. The double compression mechanism has two stretchable, heat-trapping neoprene straps which offer 2 times better support and heat-trapping capabilities than all of its competitors.
  • PROTECTION THAT LAST- The PhysioCare Rapid Weight Loss Back Support Enhancer is designed with STEEL BONE FORTIFICATION. This consist of a series of flexible steel rods that line the back portion of the brace, keeping your back in line and protected from injury. The Steel Bone design is used to ENHANCE POSTURE, PROVIDE PROTECTION, AND SHAPE YOUR BODY. 
  • FULL COVERAGE- Unlike other back braces and waist trimmers that only cover a small portion of your waist, The PhysioCare Rapid Weight Loss Back Support Enhancer covers your entire abdomen. Allowing for OPTIMAL SUPPORT AND WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- If you're PhysioCare Rapid Weight Loss Back Support Enhancer does not fit or has any deformities DO NOT WORRY! Just simply send us an email stating your issue and we will complete a full return and reship process.

 Daily care instructions:       

  • Hand Wash.  
  • Do not tumble dry or wring out.  
  • Do not bleach or iron.     
  • Line dry or hang dry only.     
  • avoid too much exposure to the sun.